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6Under The Olive Tree (Spicy & Woody)


Oudh is a resinouswood originating in the tropical forest of Asia,SOme times known as the “wood of the Gods”,Oudh is the fragrant resinous wood produced by the Aquilaria tree to protect itself  from fungal and insect attacks.  Oudh has a long history in perfuming.  Rare and very expensive, which makes it more coveted. It is pared with other woods like olive wood.

This timeless fragrance is woody and subtly leathery. This seductive essence opens on a woody floral facet punctuated by
accords of myrrh. Its heart is leathery while the base is a sweet and earthy blend of vanilla and patchouli. This sensuous
fragrance is an intoxicating, sensual whirlwind.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 mm

Half Liter, Liter