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5Imperial Green Tea (Fresh)


Historians estimate that the tea culture started in Asian regions around the second century B.C. and was introduced in Europe in the 16th Century, The White tea is the most consumed tea in Asia and is growing in popularity in the Western regions. The most Prestigious  The  green teas, such as the long jing, can reach premium prices in the Market.

The Green tea not is regularly used in perfumery. It allows for a fresh scent and gives the fragrance an aromatic fragrance.

It’s the fragrance that bring us to a genuine world. It is synonymous with freedom, providing values such as honesty and openess.¬† The freshness of green tea is combined with sandalwood notes and modern musk

Top notes : Cut Grass-Citrus Zest

Middle notes : Tea Leaves-Galbanum

Bottom notes: Sandalwood- Modern Must.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 mm

Half Liter, Liter