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1Black angelica Reed dufuser kit


Fall under the spell of the Black Angelica Ice Cube Reed Diffuser, where refined design plays off an intoxicating fragrance. The diffuser design is cool and understated, while housing a warm, compelling fragrance. The body of the reed diffuser is crafted in clear glass and crowned with a shiny silver-colored ring. Light reflects and refracts off the object, for a luminous effect. In contrast, the fragrance is bold and floral. Notes of black angelica are nestled in the center of an intense floral heart, echoed in fresh zesty accords of bergamot before landing on a warm, ambered woody base. An ode to the bewitching power of complexity.

*Please note, we DO NOT ship this product to California, Alaska, or Hawaii.

  • This reed diffuser is pre-filled with Black Angelica fragrance.
  • Can be refilled with any Maison Berger 200 ml (6.7 oz) reed diffuser refill.
  • Diffusion time: +/- 4 weeks.


  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • Remove a few twigs to lessen fragrance intensity.
  • Change twigs with every new fragrance.

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 mm